Saturday, September 4, 2010

Review of Food Storage Analyzer™

From Emergency Essentials, a food storage company, comes a quick and handy "calculator" that analyzes your storage needs for you. I had the opportunity to try it out, and in the end, I was pleased.

It was convenient to use; no difficult buttons to press, no weird technological fonts. Also, it was very precise. It asked for the ages and genders of all the people in my family so that the food calculations could be most accurate. Then, I was asked to enter in the items that were in my pantry: a food inventory. If you didn't have any Emergency Essentials products in your pantry, you had the option of adding your own food items. One of the neatest things I discovered during this process, was the "Have you noticed" tab. When I clicked it, it started giving me suggestions on foods I should stock up on in order to balance out my nutritional needs! How neat is that!

The last page was my analyzed food storage results, but it wasn't the end. After I was given nutritional information and details of future purchases, I was conveniently able to make new purchases of what I needed on the spot, straight from the Emergency Essentials store.

Overall, my experience with the Food Storage Analyzer™ was a wonderful one. Easy, quick, and informational, I know that it's a tool that I plan on using again. Thanks, Emergency Essentials!

And I almost forgot --you can try the Food Storage Analyzer™ analyzer for yourself! Just click on the red Food Storage Analyzer™ button featured to the right of this blog page. For a limited time, Emergency Essentials is also offering a FREE $10 gift certificate to anyone who posts a review of the Food Storage Analyzer™! So go on and make an account, and be sure to let me know what you thought of it!

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